Dr. Gioia

Dr Anthony Gioia at his office

A graduate from National College of Chiropractic (National University of Health Sciences), Dr. Gioia has been practicing since 1992. In addition to chiropractic medicine, he is also a certified rehabilitation physician and has received certification in acupuncture, manipulation under anesthesia, pain management, operating room procedures and meridian therapy. Dr. Gioia also teaches Medical Terminology at Harper College.

Dr. Gioia has been recognized in the Journal of American Chiropractic Association with the publication of his article titled "Chiropractic Treatment of Childhood Asthma, A Case History," published in the October, 1996 issue. This article has been referenced by other chiropractors in their treatment of childhood asthma.

Dr. Gioia published his first book in 2010 titled "Weightlifting For Boxers : A Fighter's Guide to Strengthening and Conditioning."

Dr. Gioia was an accomplished high school gymnast and wrestler. He has a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and was ranked 3rd in the nation for benchpressing in 1989 by The American Drug Free Power Lifting Association, recognized by Powerlifting Magazine. He continues to be active in weight lifting, boxing, martial arts and running.

Dr. Gioia believes that "health can be achieved and maintained when your emphasis shifts toward creating optimum function, not simply removing symptoms."